My 8gb USB drive just became 4mb. I already tried the diskpart method, bootice, HP USB Storage Format. But still the capacity still the same. Is there other way?


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Plug your pen-drive into the computer. Go to Run->cmd. type "diskpart". A new window will pop up. In the Diskpart window, type "select disk 1" and press enter. Now type "clean" and press enter. Now type "create partition primary" and hit enter. You are done!!! :) Goto My computer and format your disk and you'll have the space. :)

  • OP states tried diskpart already and it did not work.
    – Carl B
    Commented Aug 15, 2014 at 7:09

It seems accidentally you have deleted partition in your removable disk. Create a partition in order to utilize the full capacity.

you will not be able to create a partition in windows so use software ease us partition master home version. it is free.

Otherwise you can Create new partition by running gparted command using Ubuntu live CD.and I think it is the best option. Check this link it will help you.

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