I have a Sapphire Edge VS4 connected to Philips 37pfl monitor and running Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate. I also use the Catalyst Control Center program to calibrate the screen.

When I choose 1080p resolution I had to adjust the size of the display so it will fit the monitor. After doing that I tested the display by viewing a HD basketball game. The result was rather disappointing - the movement of the players is not smooth.

I have tried 1080i resolution and got a better result. I have used 1080p resolution on this screen with an older HTPC and did not had problems. Am I missing some something in the configuration of the monitor?

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The i mode puts less "strain" on your memory bus.
The 'i' stands for Interlaced and means that e.g. a 60Hz display gets 30Hz updates for the odd numbered lines and 30Hz for the even numbered lines of the graphics.
Generally: From that it is to be concluded that the display hardware is reading 540 lines of display data out of the RAMs 60 times each second (for a 60Hz display mode). For the 1080p you have more data to read out per second, leaving less time to render/change the data to display; the memory bandwidth becomes a bottleneck.

More about this, e.g:
or a google search.

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