I see this question: Why does gearman-job-server not accept connections when running as a service? but there is no config file in my gearman installation on Ubuntu (or at least not one that I can find). I'm using gearman 1.1.12

I also tried to start gearman like... sudo gearmand -l gearmand.log --listen="*" and no luck

Worth noting that I installed from source. This does not happen when I install from the package but it's still probably worth getting an answer on as installing from source is valuable to get the latest and greatest

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Gearman's config file is a bit hidden under Ubuntu: Take a look at /etc/default/gearman-job-server.

Adding PARAMS="--listen=" will listen on localhost, while PARAMS="--listen=192.168.xxx.yyy" might be what you want.

  • That file didn't exist. Do you think that is problematic? I created it and added PARAMS="" but it still doesn't seem to accept remote connections.
    – Tony
    Aug 15, 2014 at 23:39

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