I have installed a markdown editor on ubuntu 12.0.4:

sudo dpkg -i /shared/mdcharm_1.1.6_i386.deb
sudo apt-get  -f install   # Installed missing dependencies

Is the md editor installed now?

steve@mithril:/d/hwspark/docs$ which mdcharm
/usr/bin/mdcharm    # Installation successful!

But the mdcharm does NOT show up in "Other applications" from the right click/open menu on Nautilus. How to add it manually?

  • @don_crissti Looks to be correct way. Feel free to make it a real answer – javadba Oct 24 '14 at 22:19

I think Nautilus is looking for applications in /usr/share/applications and ~./local/share/applications and lists only those apps that match your file mime type. You should try to create a launcher (.desktop file) for your program if you want to see it in that list. Make sure your launcher includes the specific mimetype for your files (text/plain and text/x-markdown come to mind but you could run file --mime-type myfile.md or gvfs-info -a standard::content-type myfile.md and check the output).

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