I use Keepass only for unimportant sites and it's set up to autostart with Windows. Entering password every time is quite annoying.

Of course I can use something like recorded macro. But is there any more usable approach?


Create shortcut with following command line options:

KeePass.exe "C:\My Documents\MyDatabase.kdb" -pw:password

"C:\My Documents\MyDatabase.kdb" - The database file location is passed as argument. Only one database file is allowed. If the path contains a space, it must be enclosed in quotes (").

-pw:password - Passwords can be passed using the -pw: option. In order to pass 'abc' as password, you would add the following argument to the command line: -pw:abc. Note that there must be no space between the ':' and the password. If your password contains a space, you must enclose it in quotes. For example: -pw:"my secret password".

The -minimize command line argument makes KeePass start up minimized.


  • -minimize does not work for me under Ubuntu 14.04. – Dennis May 29 '15 at 13:38

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