We have a Windows 2008 Server on which XAMPP is placed in the Startup folder of "Administrator” User. Which means that, in order to automatically start Apache, it requires the “Administrator” user to log-in at-least once.

The above Scenario is Problematic. Because, we don't know when this Server gets restarted.

To counteract this issue, I need to somehow place XAMPP in Windows Startup (not the User Startup).


-Just Run "xampp-control.exe" as administrator
-and stop apache service action port.
-and tick this(in snapshot) check box it will ask for install as service just install it
-then go to service.msc where you will see
-new service name as apache2(or similar)
-just set it as automatic if you want it to run as startup.

(this method is for apache for mysql you will do same above steps)

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  • Log in as administrator
  • open XAMPP
  • go to the control panel
  • open the service settings
  • enable the service settings and check all the services you want to be available (apache, mysql...)
  • close XAMPP
  • restart the server
  • try

XAMPP Control panel

Each server in XAMPP you can install also as Windows service. You can also install it from the XAMPP Control Panel. In this case it is necessary to run the scripts or the Control Panel with Administrator privileges.

Apache service uninstall: \xampp\apache\apache_uninstallservice.bat

Apache service uninstall: \xampp\apache\apache_uninstallservice.bat

MySQL service install: \xampp\mysql\mysql_installservice.bat

MySQL service uninstall: \xampp\mysql\mysql_uninstallservice.bat

FileZilla service (un)install: \xampp\filezilla_setup.bat

Mercury: No service installation available

From How can I install a server as a service

  • Thanks for your Answer. I will let you know as I will apply it on the Server. – Ahsan Aug 20 '14 at 6:48
  • have you tried? did it worked? – n00b Aug 22 '14 at 14:49
  • Not yet tried.. – Ahsan Aug 26 '14 at 5:57

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