I just booted up my 'old' PC that's been lying around for the last two years. I have Windows 7 on it and I'm looking to format the drive and do a fresh install of W7.

I have the key for Windows 7 in a text file. However I don't have the Windows 7 DVD or image.

  1. So is there any way of burning off a Windows 7 DVD considering that its the operating system I'm currently using?
  2. If not...well I have a W7 key, will this key work with any W7 DVD or is it particular to the W7 image that came with the key?

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You can download the ISO file from the links mentioned in this SU question here: Where can I download Windows 7 (legally from Microsoft)?

The key is not specific to the DVD. You can burn a DVD using the ISO and this software: http://www.freeisoburner.com/

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