So, I set up a SSH server (freeSSH, win7) and can connect to it just fine with PuTTY. I then tried to use pscp to transfer a file (foobar.txt, from client to server). I cd-ed to the dir pscp.exe was in, then did pscp.exe foobar.txt user@IP:C:\Users... and got the response user@IP's password:.

At this I promptly typed in the password, to be met with pscp: unable to open C:\Users...: permission denied. The error for getting the password wrong is different, more specifically; Access denied.

(IP is the remote IP, and C:\Users... is the remote filepath)


It may be the case that the directory you're trying to copy to does not have sufficient permissions for user to write to.

  • Is the directory you are copying to under user's home directory on the destination system?
  • Does the destination directory actually exist?
  • What are the permissions of foobar.txt? (user may not be able to access the source file so cannot copy it to destination)

To check file permissions on a Windows system:

  • Right click on the file/folder you want to check
  • Select Properties from the menu
  • Select the Security tab

You should then be able to see the user & group who own the file along with permissions for Everyone.

Note: I don't have enough reputation to comment but hope that these questions will help narrow down the cause.


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