Given I am SSHed into a server and have tmux running, is there any straightforward way to be able to yank into a register in vim and:

  • have that text be available in my tmux clipboard?
  • have that text available in my osx clipboard?

I know how to copy/paste in tmux and iterm2 seems to handle passing that onto my osx clipboard. However there are times when I want to yank text in a vim split screen and the tmux copy/paste won't do. Anyone figured this out?

Thanks so much!


One method would be to create a vim function that uses redir or writefile to dump the yanked register into a file, use tmux load-buffer to get it into the tmux clipboard, and then delete the file.

To get the remote tmux clipboard into the OS X clipboard, I use ssh HOST tmux show-buffer | pbcopy.

Both of these are kind of annoying, but I don't know of any better ways to do this.

  • Thank you. Not ideal, but I appreciate the solution! – Aaron Gibralter Aug 19 '14 at 21:48

Part of your answer is to run tmux locally on your mac before you SSH out. Then you are working with your local tmux to copy/paste. Again, not super ideal if you need to grab more lines of code in a remote vim session that are greater in size than your current screen, but it works for most scenarios.

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