I would like to install DBAN to a USB flash drive to boot from on an old computer. How can I do this from an Ubuntu environment? dd image to USB device doesn't work

  • Does the vendor of the old computer (you don't mention vendor and model) allow a USB boot?
    – mdpc
    Aug 22 '14 at 2:16
  • Unetbootin works well for ISO to USB. Otherwise, does dd fail to image the USB device, or does the resulting image fail to boot, or something else?
    – DarkMoon
    Aug 22 '14 at 2:30
  • @mdpc Of course ... it's not that old. Aug 22 '14 at 16:47
  • Still can you identify the specific vendor and model number of the computer?
    – mdpc
    Aug 22 '14 at 20:16
  • @mdpc Toshiba Satellite A135. Aug 23 '14 at 19:59

It's an old question, and I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I managed to get it working following a comment on this discussion:

  • Download dban 2.3.0
  • Install unetbootin (sudo apt-get install unetbootin)
  • Install DBAN on a USB flash drive using unetbootin
  • Mount the USB stick
  • Replace every occurrence of ubninit with ISOLINUX.BIN in the syslinux.cfg file (sed -i 's/ubninit/ISOLINUX.BIN/g' syslinux.cfg)
  • Replace every occurrence of ubnkern with DBAN.BZI in the syslinux.cfg file (sed -i 's/ubnkern/DBAN.BZI/g' syslinux.cfg)

WARNING: If you boot from this USB stick, it will automatically start erasing your hard drive (no input needed) after 10 seconds from the boot, so be sure to unplug it, and to plug it only where you need it.


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