So we were trying to transfer files from UNIX server to a Windows server 2003. I currently don't have any visibility on the UNIX server since it is being handled by another team. So in order for the 2 servers to establish connection, they sent us a public key which they said that we need to register on our Windows server 2003 machine.

Can anyone help me? I cant seem to find anything about registering this public key generated by putty on a windows server 2003. there's no directory to put the public key(like in Linux authorized_keys).

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PuTTY is a SSH client, and the public key given to you is specifically for authenticating against a SSH server. So you don't register the key with an OS; you register it with the SSH server.

On Linux, ~/.ssh/authorized_keys is read by the OpenSSH service – but on Windows, you don't have a SSH server at all and will have to install one. Either Bitvise WinSSHd or Cygwin OpenSSH are good options.

  • this may be the answer i was looking for. but i tried installing cygwin and ssh/scp doesn't work. why? :(
    – igarren
    Aug 26, 2014 at 7:34

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