I'm currently testing an application in IE8, I want to upgrade to IE9 but when I got to the Windows website, it will only let me upgrade straight to IE11, I can't find any option to only go as far as IE9.

Here's the link:


Obviously Windows don't want you using their older software when better options are available, but for testing purposes I really need IE9.

Would anyone have any advice or suggestions? Is my best bet just to upgrade to 11 and uninstall updates to get back to 9? Which is outlined here.


Internet Explorer 9

The standalone installer is available in the Microsoft Download Center. The website will still recommend a newer version, but you can actually choose IE 9 if you want to.

In case you need it for testing purposes only, consider using the free virtual machines provided by Microsoft. This way you can test you application in multiple versions at the same time, and without having to upgrade/downgrade the browser in your main system.

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    +1 for the virtual machine option. The stand alone installer is no longer available unless you are on Vista or Server 2008. They force you into IE11 otherwise. – Brad Jan 12 '15 at 17:15
  • This page techdows.com/2011/03/… has direct links to Windows 7 IE9, currently download.microsoft.com/download/C/1/6/… . The installer still downloads additional components but worked for me on Windows 7 SP1. The Vista IE9 installer available from MS appears to start in on Windows 7 SP1 in Vista SP2 compatibility mode but complains about needing an upgrade. Perhaps with the right Windows updates installed it would work too. – taz Aug 24 '16 at 14:03

IE 9 Download http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/internet-explorer-9-details.aspx

This setup will work only on windows 7.

Windows 8 have default IE 10 (not upgradable)and Windows 8.1 have IE 11 by Default

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