I have a question that has been bothering me since yesterday. I was installing windows on a desktop yesterday and I went to install a LAN driver. I went to the motherboard manufacturers site and got what I believed to be the correct driver. The installation failed. I then tried to install all of the other LAN drivers available for that motherboard. All of the installations failed. I then finally thought to go to manage hardware and "update driver". I selected the USB key I had all of my attempted drivers on. And low and behold I had internet access.

My question is this: Why? What is the difference? Why did using the setup.exe program not work yet the "update driver" option did work even though they are the same files/program?

In case it matters the OS was WIN 7 ultimate and the motherboard was ASUS a88xm-a.


Bad hardware dude. If you check in the device manager, do you see any yellow ! marks? If you go to the properties of the device in Device Manager, if it says something along the lines of "Code 10, device cannot start", it's dead.

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