I read that the "Ok Google" Hands-Free-Hotword for Chrome is currently only available for US Chrome Users (I'm from Austria). I know that a plugin exists but I either need a valid *.crx Version of it or the native Version inside Chrome for what I want to do. Any ideas?

German Article


This doesn't say about "Okay Google" hotword detection only working for US users.

Did you follow the instructions to enable "Okay Google" hotword detection?

Make sure you are on google.com/ncr (No Country Redirect) and not on any of its country specific homepages.

The text under "Availability" states: It only works if the browser language is set to US-English.

  • I knew about google.com/ncr but I didn't know the thing written bellow Availability of your link. I added the fact that the browser needs to be set to US-English to your answer. I didn't test it because I got it working with the plugin meanwhile too. – CodingYourLife Aug 23 '14 at 16:51

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