I have to merge video and audio file together. Currently I am using this command
mp4box -flat -add <video> -add <audio> <outputfile>.mp4
But the problem is, if the video is of say only 2 minutes and audio is of 5 mins, the video gets stuck at two minutes and audio plays till the last. I want to restrict the output to just 2mins.
I searched and found there is an option -shortest in ffmpeg. Is there a similar option in mp4box.


MP4Box can limit the duration of the import. You can check:

MP4Box -h import

This will show the following option:

":dur=D"             imports only the first D seconds

You can use it as follows:

mp4box -add <video> -add <audio>:dur=120 <outputfile>.mp4

Note that I removed the -flat option as you probably want to have a progressive file, with audio and video interleaving.

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