I'm trying to find out what is a good way to detect whether an image file has other files hidden inside it?

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Simple methods

Method via ImageMagick/convert tool

Use ImageMagick command tool convert to find the differences between the original file and converted one. E.g.

$ convert original.jpg converted.jpg  # this is an ImageMagick command
$ ls -l original.jpg converted.jpg
  667228 original.jpg
  648515 converted.jpg

Then you can compare the binary file, see: How do I compare binary files in Linux?

Method via strings

Look for any suspicious content via strings. It will print any printable strings in a file which could indicate some hidden files, messages or content. E.g.:

$ strings -10 image.jpg

Example image: The original image with hidden message which started the Cicada 3301

Advanced methods

Method via hexdump

Every JPEG file starts by SOI (Start of image) with binary value of 0xFFD8 and it is terminated by EOI Marker (End of image) which has the binary value of 0xFFD9.

Therefore you may try to check for any extra content after EOI marker. In example:

hexdump -C image.jpg  | less +/"ff d9"
hexdump -C image.jpg  | more +/"ff d9"

Method via xdd

Use xdd command-line based tool with tr and sed to print the content after EOI Marker.

In example:

xxd -c1 -p image.jpg | tr "\n" " " | sed -n -e 's/.*\( ff d9 \)\(.*\).*/\2/p' | xxd -r -p

Read more: How to dump part of binary file at SE


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