I recently decided to store all of my passwords in KeyPass Password Safe 2. I forgot my password to KeyPass.

Is there anyway to retrieve it? My assumption is no there is not for obvious reasons.



If you forget this master password, all your other passwords in the database are lost, too. There isn't any backdoor or a key which can open all databases. There is no way of recovering your passwords.


If you've forgotten it because you just changed the master password, you can do what I do in the future:

  1. Make a backup copy that uses the old password. Make sure this has the new password in it.
  2. Change the real copy to use your new password
  3. Keep the one that uses the old password around until you know the new one so well you don't even have to think about it. After that, delete it.

Hasn't steered me wrong yet.


If its correctly built (and by all accounts it is), your chances of recovering your password are very limited - luck, knowledge about yourself and your behaviour, you may be able to narrow down the key space and brute force it. There are tools to brute force Keepass files - see here. That said, its likely easier and faster to simply reset all your passwords.

  • I went to this link but I can't get the way how to run brute force in keepassx. I noticed that the document are not written in English.
    – alhelal
    Jul 3 '18 at 9:27

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