I'm searching for a command like /names but on the whole server. Is this possible ?

And after that, is it possible to know on which channels is connected a user ?

Thank you!

  • How is /names incorrect? The wikipedia page seems to indicate doing /names without any parameters will list all users on the server organized by channel. – Adam Aug 27 '14 at 21:27
  • What client? What server are you connecting to? Do you mean all the rooms on the server too? – Canadian Luke Aug 27 '14 at 21:28

You can use NAMES but just omit the <channel> and <server> variables to get all users.

From NAMES Wikipedia:

Returns a list of who is on the comma-separated list of <channels>, by channel name. If <channels> is omitted, all users are shown, grouped by channel name with all users who are not on a channel being shown as part of channel "*". If <server> is specified, the command is sent to <server> for evaluation.

You can use the WHOIS <nick> command to get information about a specific user.

/WHOIS buddy
*** buddy is abcd@dialup-6.provider.com (Think different.)
*** on channels: @#demo #test123
*** on irc via server irc.psinet.com (PSI Net EFNet IRC Server)

This will show you what public channels a user is on, but not what secret channels they may also be connected to.

Note, however, that NAMES will not show users that have the +i ("invisible") mode set on themselves, unless you're also in a channel together with them. Since most networks set +i by default, a global NAMES will usually show only a few people who have manually set -i – not everyone on the network.

Also, on some networks, in particular the freenode IRC network, the channel list in WHOIS is affected by this mode as well.


Not sure if this works on other irc servers but on an inspircd server you could do

/stats L

You'd probably need to be a server admin (oper) to be allowed to use this command though.

More information:


/STATS [symbol] {server}

Shows various server statistics. Depending on configuration this command may be reserved for oper-only use. Note that all /STATS use is broadcast to online IRC operators. If a server parameter is given, the stats output fromthe servername you provide is returned instead of that of the local server.

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