I just installed Cygwin and would like to use that for ST3's build system instead of CMD. I can't seem to find good documentation about it. Anyone have any ideas?

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I just had the same question and solved it with reading some related Question-Thread on Stackoverflow, which I listed at the End of my answer.

Overview of what I answer:

Working Solution to get Sublime Text to Build through Cygwin.

1. Create shell-script file SublimeTextBuildScript.sh

#!/usr/bin/bash -l

cd "/cygdrive/x/cheatsheet-template"
ls -lha 

1.1 Optional: Switch the line-ending

Changing Lineending Setting in Sublime Text - Trouble with written shell-scripts from/via Sublime Text

Solves: Troubles while executing the shell-script with Line-endings. I saw some error-messages with "\r" in the message while testing.

1.2 Helpfully: Mintty Command Line Options

Helpfully to get it done: Mintty Command Line Options

2. (Test-)Command for SublimeText Custom Build System:

D:\Applications\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -h always /cygdrive/d/Applications/Hochguertel/bin/SublimeTextBuildScript.sh

2.1 Testing result

Testing your Solution (Build-Script) from/via Windows Command Shell

3. Put it all together

3.1 Create an Build System

Sublime Text -> Tools -> Build-System -> New Build System...

Sublime Text -> Tools -> Build-System -> New Build System...

3.2 Configure the Build System

    "shell_cmd": "D:\\Applications\\cygwin64\\bin\\mintty.exe -h always

Configuration of the new Build System in Sublime 3 with Cygwin (Mintty.exe)

3.3 Save the configurated Build System

File-Extension: .sublime-build

Filename: Cheatsheet Build.sublime-build

Save the Cygwin (Mintty.exe) Sublime Text Build System - Cheatsheet Build.sublime-build

3.4 Activating the created Build System

Sublime Text -> Tools -> Build System -> "Cheatsheet Build"

Selecting the created Build System

4.0 Testing the Cygwin Environment Build System via Sublime Text

Sublime Text -> Tools -> Build

Run Build

Working Cygwin Build System Solution with Sublime Text:

Working Cygwin Build System Solution with Sublime Text

Sources of information (Stackoverflow Links)


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