I am wondering what's the best way or tool to search for a specific text or string in more than 10 large .csv files. Each file is 250mb in size.

My idea was to write a powershell script, since I love selfmade stuff on the other hand there is maybe a perfect tool already and I only waste my time :)

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You can try a version of Grep:

Grep is a command-line utility for searching plain-text data sets for lines matching a regular expression.

This answer by JdeBP lists a number of Windows versions of Grep.

I like and use the cygwin toolset ...


PowerShell has Select-String which will search through text files for a regular expression:

Get-Item path\to\*.csv | Select-String -Pattern <string>

You can use the -SimpleMatch switch to search for a literal string. All lines that match your search pattern are shown.

If you want to do more advanced filtering, you can also use Import-Csv to convert a CSV file to objects, with properties for each column.

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