I need to get file list from samba share using smbclient (mount is not allowed for several reasons) and later download some of them;

When I execute the command

 smbclient -U my_username \\\\server_address\\somedir my_password -с "tarmode;recurse;prompt; mget *"

everything is ok - it downloads files and gets back to my usual console session. But when I execute the following

 smbclient -U my_username \\\\server_address\\somedir my_password -с "ls"

it does not execute ls - it just logs in and shows me the smbclient console.What I am doing wrong?


ls is not a valid smbclient command.

You could change that ls to a dir or you can precede it with a ! as !ls to issue it as a shell command via smbclient.

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