I see in Event log many error entries :

svchost (1500) SRUJet: An attempt to open the file "C:\Windows\system32\SRU\SRUDB.dat" for read / write access failed with system error 5 (0x00000005): "Access is denied. ". The open file operation will fail with error -1032 (0xfffffbf8).

The key in the event log is ESENT : ESENT 490 error

I already made that error to disappear by setting Everyone - full control to the C:\Windows\system32\SRU\ folder....

But :


1) What is SRUJet ?
2) What's the purpose of the C:\Windows\system32\SRU\ folder ?
3) What is ESENT?


SRUJet is a database engine working with database file srudb.dat.

This thread shows that:

  • You should be safely able to delete srudb.dat and Windows should re-create it.
  • The functionality is part of Diagnostic Policy Service.

You can post permissions of the file for further details.


Stop the Diagnostic Policy Service and delete srudb.dat. Worked for me.

To stop the Diagnostic Policy Service: + R -> Type in services.msc -> press Enter -> Scroll down and double-click on Diagnostic Policy Service -> Click the Stop button.


3) What is ESENT?

ESENT is the Windows "Extensible Storage Engine" runtime, and is essentially a data store creator for applications such as Desktop Search. In the context of your question, ESENT is used by the Diagnostic Policy Service to build the srudb.dat data file.

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