My problem: I installed nod32 and after that I can't edit hosts file on windows 8.1 - window appears "Access denied". Of course I've opened hosts file as administrator by notepad. I don't know where is problem or how to solve it...


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Temporary workaround

If you just need to do a one-time change to your hosts file, you might briefly disable the Host-based Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) provided by the antivirus:

  1. Open NOD32, and press F5 to access the Advanced setup dialog.

  2. Navigate to the Computer > HIPS section.

  3. Uncheck the Enable HIPS option, and restart Windows to apply the changes.

  4. Apply the required changes. When done, follow steps 1-3, and enable HIPS again.

Note In case you need frequent read/write access, consider configuring a specific allow rule instead (see the links below). For troubleshooting purposes you can enable the Log all blocked operations option, which is available in the HIPS advanced settings.

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