My issue is deceivingly simple.

I have this combination in my .ahk file:


This works. If I hold down Capslock, it doesn't activate, but it does whatever Shift has to do, which is exactly what I want.

Now, if I take it a step further:


It should work in paper, but it sends automatically Ctrl+Shift+= or Ctrl+Shift+=, instead of letting me use Capslock as Ctrl+Shift.

Any thoughts on how to bind two modifier keys into one single key?


You need to specify both the up and down actions. I also added the wildcard * option in case you wished to hold down another modifier key in addition to Capslock.

*Capslock::Send {Shift Down}{Control Down}
*Capslock Up::Send {Shift Up}{Control Up}
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    This is incredible, it worked! I completely misunderstand the usage of Send in the documentation examples, but this is crystal clear. Much obliged! – AeroCross Aug 31 '14 at 20:16

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