I have a Acer AspireV3-772G running Windowws 8.1. My battery indicator shows 100% available ( plugged in,charging) status. I calibrated the battery but no difference. Also I have bought a new battery, but is still battery indicator shows 100% available ( plugged in,charging) status Battery is still in good condition and it still holds a 2-3 hours talk time.

What should I do to fix this problem or is it safe to continue using with AC power. Charging indicator bulb is turned on all the time so I feel that the laptop tries to overcharge the battery. Will it reduce the battery life?

Just for now I removed the battery from the laptop as a precaution. But I need a solution to the problem. It doesn't recognize when it's fully charged.


I had a same problem with my old laptop, the issue was in the charger itself which did not give enough power required by the system.

  • Possibly related, but it's unlikely then that the machine would display "100% charged, plugged in, charging". If your power brick (the "charger" is actually in the laptop; all the power brick does is convert AC to voltage-regulated DC) is not providing sufficient power then the battery isn't going to reach 100% charge. – Jamie Hanrahan Aug 31 '15 at 11:06

Different laptops have different uses of their "battery" light. Many of them will blink the battery LED during charging, but leave it on steady after the battery is fully charged. Windows likewise - the status tray indicator on my laptops always says "100% and charging". They've never overcharged their batteries.


Every laptop pack/module/battery has a built in controller, which monitors the level of charge in the battery. If the cell is full, it will disconnect the battery from power.

Even the OS, and the charging indicator itself, indicate that the battery is charging. However, the controller inside the battery pack already cut the power when battery cell reached full charge.

I do not think there a problem here.


There is no problem with that indication. Ignore it. No, there will be no damage to your battery, its safe to use AC power.

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