I have two copies of my Music directory on separate drives. One is a thumb drive that I carry around with me so I can listen to whatever whenever. Initially I copied this directory to the thumbdrive using robocopy. I'm not sure the exact parameters I used, but it was probably:

robocopy D:\Music F:\Music /E /MIR

Now the drives are out of sync, so I want to robocopy again. However, for some weird reason, the timestamps are off on all the files by one hour. So when I try to run the command above, it starts copying every single file from D:\Music to F:\Music because it is newer.

How do I tell robocopy to ignore these timestamps and just copy files with different filenames, or those that have changed in some other significant way (such as the artist or genre info or something)?


To handle one hour differences in environments where DST is active, robocopy includes since version XP026 (included in downloadable Robocopy GUI) or XP027 (included in Windows Vista) a /DST switch to "Compensate for one-hour DST time differences"

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