I did some research already as to why my Ubuntu guest is slow on my (quite powerful) MBP but no success.

Is there something I am missing? A setting? A configuration?

FYI I am usin g: ICH9 chipset enabled 4096MB Base Memory I/O APIC enabled 1 CPU 100% Exec cap PAE/NX enabled VT-x/AMD-V enabled Nested Paging enabled 119MB Video Mem 1 Monitor 3d/2d disabled SATA drive with AHCI Type. Use Host I/O Cache: Disabled.


I saw that this is a known issue in Virtualbox, when you use a MBP RETINA and an external monitor, the performance is choppy/laggy.

I know use a headless VM through Vagrant/Puphpet. Works like a charm.

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