I'm working with a programming language without a proper IDE and I'm using notepad++ as my editor. I've set up a user-defined language and it's working pretty well, but I have a problem in that if you enter a keyword it must match perfectly. I'll explain what I mean.

If I add 'string' as a keyword and I enter 'string' into the text area that it becomes highlighted.

However if I enter 'string(variableName)' then it doesn't highlight.

If I turn on prefix mode it highlights the whole 'string(variableName)' when I only want it to highlight 'string'.

It may be that I just can't do this in notepad++ but I wondered if anyone had come across (and solved) a similar issue.

Thanks in advance.


even though it has been a while...

If you want the keyword 'string' to be highlighted when typing 'string(variableName)' you need to define '(' as an operator or type 'string (variableName)' [note the blank space!], so that npp recognizes the word boundaries correctly.

Hope this helps somebody.


Consider SynWrite editor, also free, which has fully-customizable lexer editor, with more settings than NP++ UDL.

  • Unfortunately I'm not allowed to add software to my work computer, so I need to make do with what I have. – Paul Brindley Sep 14 '14 at 16:20

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