I try to run a pl script in the console. It shows me this error:

bash: ./vmware-install.pl /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: no such file or directory. 

What does it mean?

whereis perl

returns just


And which perl returs: no perl in .... (bunch of folders)

I have Fedora 18


I'd suspect Perl is not where it should be.

The way to check is with which perl. If this dosen't give you a location, perl is not in your path (for extra credit, try whereis perl if which perl works).

If perl isn't in your path, you'll get perl: not cool. Time to ransack the system.

We can use locate to find anything called, or containing perl. You're probably looking for a binary. So we can try locate perl|grep bin - this should find any file called curl, and return any path which contains bin in it. In theory, you can find the full path here, and run /path/to/perl vmware-install.pl and it should work. I'd also consider the fact you may end up needing to do this as root, if its the script I think it is.

If perl is still not there, I'd ponder the unspeakable horrors your OS must have faced, since perl is generally installed by default.

yum install perl

Try this before running your command again. Seems like perl isn't installed on your system.

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    And... I miss the obvious. I thought perl and python2 were essentially installed by default on every common distro – Journeyman Geek Sep 4 '14 at 10:54

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