I know this may be bad style, but I want a bar chart that groups certain bars together. For example if I was comparing the speed of two models of cars, and considering the speed under wet and dry conditions how would I show it all in one chart?

I want something that looks like this

Example of what I'm trying to do

I'm using OpenOffice 4 but am willing to use a different program, such as Microsoft Excel 2010 or google docs.

  • That is how the graph would look if you had two series in it. Data in two columns with 2 rows of data in each column. In excel at least and I'm pretty sure open office as well – gtwebb Sep 4 '14 at 21:38
  • @gtwebb could you please explain more as what you mean, for example give an example. What is a "series"? – Celeritas Sep 4 '14 at 21:47

Having grouped columns is the normal way excel displays bar charts with multiple series. The following has 2 series. Series dry has a series name selected as B1 and data as B2:B3. Series green has name=C1 and data C2:C3.

The horizontal axis label is equal to A2:A3 which gives the model 1 and 2 labels.

enter image description here

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