I am using ioncube php encode for my project. Please let me know how to create a license file and load to the encode.I have tried with the below command. After encoding the project is not loading.

 ./ioncube_encoder55 /var/www/html/emc -o /var/www/html/emcnew --with-license /var/www/html/emcnew/license.txt --passphrase sample 

Please help me to fix the issue

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make_license --pass sample -o license.txt

Note the example license above has no restrictions. Copy to the emcnew directory. It's generally better to encode with just the file name for the license file and not a full path and locate in or above the web root directory. Contact ionCube support for more details.

  • I need to create a license for my product with one year validation. Please guide me with the command. after one year,If I change the license.txt file .. the license of the product should allow the product to work fine. Sep 9, 2014 at 4:51
./make_license --pass sample -o license.txt --expire-in 365d 

Used above command to create a license file and copied the license.txt to the core directory.

./ioncube_encoder55 /var/www/html/emc -o /var/www/html/emclic --with-license license.txt --pass something

Finally encoded with above command.

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