I often transfer files from my computer to my phone using a micro-USB cable. However, my computer has USB 3.0 ports and I don't know if I'm taking full advantage of it using a regular micro-USB cable. Will any micro-USB cable make use of the full theoretical data transfer speeds of USB 3.0? Will my phone charge faster because of the 1 A output in USB 3.0?


For 3.0 data transfer speed, you need:

  1. both sides support 3.0
  2. A cable that support 3.0 (with extra USB 3.0 wire pairs). For instance, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 USB cable supports USB 3.0: Note 3

For the battery charge, it depend on your phone battery management chip limitation. if you chip only support 0.5A charging current, there will be no difference when using a 1A power source.

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