For a long time, I have been using OSX. Here, I can take screenshots with cmd+shift+4, where I select a part of my screen. Then it is automatically uploaded to Dropbox, and I get it auto-pasted.

Cut in short, I can send specific screenshots in less than 3 seconds.

How can I do something similar in Windows?


You can install Dropbox on Windows & it works the same. You just have to configure Dropbox to automatically sync the screenshots. And Dropbox configures it automatically first time you take a screenshot on Windows.

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  • You mean Print Screen? I don't know of a 'screenshot' function in the sense of OSX's, the snipping tool does not save unless you tell it to, and print screen doesn't save to anything. – Mgamerz Sep 10 '14 at 22:14
  • On Windows, if you go to Dropbox>Preferences>Import & enable the "Share screenshots using Dropbox" option, the PrintScreen option would work with Dropbox on Windows too. I use it all the time. – Kunal B. Sep 11 '14 at 3:06

It turned out there were many tools, that could solve my task.

After trying them all, Lightshot turned out to be the best tool, by far.

Fast & good auto upload.

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