I changed something on my Mac and when I start terminal by simply clicking on the icon, none of the PATH variables are loaded to tell terminal where basic (or any commands) are. I have edited the file .bash_profile but it seems that it is not being sourced to determine the PATH variables.

I have also tried creating a file called .bashrc and putting the same commands from .bash_profile into .bashrc. That also did not work.

Once I type:


into terminal my basic bash commands start to work. Then, once I login, I notice that it must read .bash_profile because my other path variables are then set.

What does it look like though to provide basic commands for a non-logged in user?

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Nevermind. I found out that I had some incorrectly written commands in the .bash_profile file that were overwriting or taking precedence over the default profile commands. I deleted those and everything is working again.

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