Because I'm not too fond of surprises on the web, I'd like Vimperator to show me where a particular link on a website leads to. A URL would be nice.


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;;<number> focuses the link and display its URI in the status bar instead of URI of currently opened page.

I am not sure about Vimperator exactly, but it works in its further development – Pentadactyl, so I guess, it should work in the former too. If does not, perhaps it’s a good occasion to consider switching to the Pentadactyl finally. :-)


The "showstatuslinks" setting allows you to see the selected link (or any link you hover over with the mouse) just above the status bar. Set it to 3 like this:

:set ssli=3


'showstatuslinks' 'ssli' number(default: 1) Possible values:

  • 0 Don't show link destination
  • 1 Show the link destination in the status line

  • 2 Show the link destination in the command line

  • 3 Show the link destination in the content area

  • Thank you for the post, it's really helpful. In my setting, Vimperator now ignores everything apart from the option 3 (but it used to be ok with the 1), it may be due to a lot of installed addons.
    – user373230
    Oct 29, 2016 at 1:53

This is how I currently do it:


This numbers all the links on the current website, just like f. When you choose a link, Vimperator yanks the URL of the website it leads to into the clipboard.

As a side-effect it shows the URL in Vimperator's toolbar at the bottom of Firefox (the "Liberator Statusline Toolbar" as it's called).

I'm using Vimperator 3.8.2.

I don't know if there's a more elegant way but I would very much like to hear it, if you have an idea.

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