Could someone please point me towards the syntax for using GNU screen from the command line. On a previous cluster, I managed to create a bash script that would create X number of tiled shells, each ssh-ing into a remote node and running htop. This way I could monitor an entire cluster from one shell. I have lost access to that cluster (and the work on it), but I need to do the same thing again.

I do remember seeing an answered question on StackExchange, SuperUser, or LinuxQuestions which is what I based my previous script on, but I cannot for the life of me find it again, so I am having to ask again.



** Please do not suggest using a screenrc file. That is not the ideal way of achieving what I want.


Try cluster ssh. You can find many tutorial on line e.g this article with a simple command line.

 cssh -l <username> <machinename1> <machinename2> <machinename3>.

Mybe you can find interesting to give a look to this article

Extended synopsis

cssh <-s server[[:'cmds'][,server[:'cmd;cmd2'],server]]... | 
-c config file> [-h] [-d <1-3>] [-n] [-p ] [-a]
             [-l ] [-q] [-b] [-x] [-y] [-e] [-C] [-P] [-S] [-e]

as command you can use htop or whatever else. You can give a look to the cssh man page.

  • Thanks for your input Hastur. However I should have been more specific, as I am SSH-ing into the head-node, I do not think I can use ClusterSSH as (from what I can tell) it only runs in X. – Stuart Buckingham Sep 14 '14 at 21:40
  • It seems that "It requires the Perl libraries Tk (perl-tk on Debian or Ubuntu) and X11::Protocol (libx11-protocol-perl on Debian or Ubuntu), in addition to xterm and OpenSSH." see here. From the man page instead they report need of Perl 5.8.x.( _Cssh requires Net::SSH::Perl to be installed properly in order to work.). If X is installed on the head-node you can always connect with ssh -X head-node. [Ps>You're welcome] – Hastur Sep 14 '14 at 21:53
  • Thanks Hastur. I'm going to steer away from that at the moment. I have the cluster configured with a very stripped down OS at the moment, and would prefer not to bulk it up by running X. – Stuart Buckingham Sep 15 '14 at 16:18

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