I just ran into a really strange problem with my new Surface Pro 3. Everytime I install the [september driver pack from Microsoft the device won't boot anymore (screenshot).

The windows 8.1 is a vhd native boot image which I use on several diffrent systems.

Here is what I did to run my vhd on my Surface Pro 3.

  1. I booted up a USB stick with Windows PE on it
  2. Run diskpart
  3. sel disk 0
  4. clean
  5. convert gpt
  6. create par efi size=100
  7. format quick fs=fat32 label=System
  8. create par primary
  9. format quick fs=ntfs label=Store
  10. list vol
  11. sel vol "number where the System par is"
  12. assign letter=S
  13. sel vol "number where the Store par is"
  14. assign letter=C
  15. exit diskpart
  16. attach the usb drive with the vhd image on it
  17. copy the vhd image to drive C:
  18. open diskpart again
  19. sel vdisk file="C:\loadit-sys1.vhd"
  20. attach vdisk
  21. lis vol
  22. sel vol "number where the vhd par is mounted"
  23. assign letter=V
  24. exit diskpart
  25. cd V:\Windows\System32\
  26. bcdboot V:\Windows /s S: /f ALL
  27. Reboot

Then the Surface Pro 3 boots totally normal into my VHD and everything works properly. But most of the device is not working since there are no drivers installed. So I attach a USB stick with the september driver pack from Microsoft. Start installing BT / WiFi / Intel Audio / Intel Video (where it asks me to reboot). I reboot and I get the attached bluescreen... And I can not boot the vhd anymore... I tried reformating the efi... recreating the bcdboot etc. etc. my VHD wont boot anymore. Here is a picture of my bcdedit after the driver install (thats when the device no longer boots).

Any ideas or tricks are welcome.

Thanks a lot

Best, Yves

  • Contact Microsoft – Ramhound Sep 14 '14 at 22:40
  • I tried that. They could not help me. Surface support told me its a Windows issue. And if you won't windows support and you have an OEM license which the surface does you need to contact the manufacturer... so we are back on square one. They even wanted to replace my surface... (for what?) – loadit AG Sep 15 '14 at 17:20
  • Microsoft is the manufacturer. If they wanted to replace your hardware it sounds like they don't believe it to entirely be a software problem. – Ramhound Sep 15 '14 at 17:34

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