I'm attempting to repair my girlfriends Laptop (Dell 501R).

It was working fine but she had a problem with overheating cutting the power, I opened it up and gave i a dusting and applied new thermal paste. However when I've attempted to turn it back on the whole laptop doesn't boot up.

It has a black screen with a few of the bottom LED's lit up. No sound coming from the fans or from the DVD drive booting up. I've tried a few fixes to no avail.

  • Opening up and checking all cables are connected
  • Taking battery and attempting to boot
  • Taking battery out, holding for 30 seconds to release static and attempting to boot
  • Taking the RAM cards out and cleaning contacts with an eraser.

Any suggestions would be great.

  • Re-check the cables, you're never sure enough.
  • Check if you can wiggle the BIOS chip. I've had a similar issue where it appeared that my BIOS chip was a little loose, so I had it soldered again which resulted in a booting laptop. This is probably my best guess on why the laptop isn't booting
  • Remove the disk and check to see if there is still a file system on it. Yet again, you can never be too sure.
  • Check your charger with a multimeter. If the battery is dead and the charger ain't working, it won't boot up.

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