I'm trying to get the serial number of the hard disks in my PC, i.e. the number printed on a label on the hard disk itself. I found that I can do that using wmic diskdrive get serialnumber, but I see that the serial number returned has the string "202020202020202020202020" before another 16 characters. I've never seen this long "202020..." string before a hard disk's serial number before. Is this correct?

ETA: The full string is "2020202020202020202020205139334d47585052".


Skip that Windows utility and load smartctl

Then open an admin command line in the "c:\program files\smartmontools\bin" folder and type:

smartctl -i /dev/sda

*Or sdb sdc etc depending on the drive location

This will show the serial number in a clean easy to read format... and the drive health.

You will find the utility here:


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Windows Powershell will give you clean human readable output:

get-wmiobject win32_physicalmedia | select-object Tag, SerialNumber

It outputs something like this:

| Tag                | SerialNumber |
| \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 | 5VK04NR1     |
| \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 | 5VK07RG1     |
| \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2 | 5VK07QEM     |
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