I would like to disable ./bashrc with the command bash --norc when opening a session on the KDE Destop enviroment. but I dont really understand where to place it, if on the startkde, Xsession or where else


If the restriction is to be set upon an interactive yet non-login shell (launched from Konsole) then you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Konsole
  2. Go to Settings → Edit Current Profile → edit Command field into /bin/bash --norcApply → OK.
  3. Close the Konsole or either launch a new tab and you'll see .bashrc isn't loaded.

If you want to set this restriction on a login shell then I suggest changing the name of .bashrc to something else (say ._bashrc). Because .bashrc is supposed to be reloaded on every new instance of bash, you'll see the effects immediately on both interactive and login/non-login shell.

Tested on Slackware 14.1 running KDE 4.10.

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