I have looked through the advanced power setting but didn't find out a method.

What I want is to let my laptop automatically hibernate after certain minutes of sleep. But if the laptop is not sleeping, it should never hibernate. I cannot figure out a way to do this. If I allow my laptop to hibernate after certain minutes, it will hibernate no matter whether it is sleeping or not.

This may sounds strange. On the one hand, I often download big files overnight. When doing this, I will keep the lib open to prevent Windows from stopping my download software. On the other hand, when I close the lib, I want my laptop to sleep. Moreover, in order to save electricity, I want it to hibernate after some time of sleep.

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    Windows automatically wakes up the computer from sleep and goes into hibernation when the battery level reaches critical level and if you've set the critical battery action to Hibernate. However can you wake up the computer from sleep at a certain time to do this? I'm not sure. Maybe you could use software that can set wake timers for this. Maybe something like WakeUpOnStandby
    – Vinayak
    Sep 17, 2014 at 9:36

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I believe I just found what you are looking for. The simplest way to get there is right click your desktop > Personalize > Screen Saver > Change Power Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Click the + on Sleep, Then the + on Hibernate After then set your time for how long you want it to wait until it goes into hibernation after falling into it's sleep state.

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