I'm trying to change my bash vi mode keys to enter and exit insert mode, I would like to set these shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-\ : Enter moviment mode
  • Alt-\ : Enter insert mode

how can I do that? I'm trying editing it to my .inputrc and/or .bashrc without success.


set echo-control-characters off
#want vi to be the default editor for readline                      
set editing-mode vi                                            
set completion-ignore-case On
echo "mode: $mode"
# vi settings                                         
$if mode=vi
    #set keymap vi-insert

then I'm trying to sourcing it:

maiko.costa@PEDCWB033:~$ source .inputrc 
mode: =vi
mode=vi: command not found

what it's wrong with my $if ? Below my current bash version.

maiko.costa@PEDCWB033:~$ echo $BASH_VERSION



The $if mode=vi conditional looks correct.

Read .inputrc into bash with:

bind -f ~/.inputrc

To read the bash help for bind:

help bind

AFAIU, echo is not a valid inputrc command.

Here are the Bash readline docs: https://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Readline-Init-File

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