I have about 5000+ lines in a csv file. Part of each line looks like this:

...Name 1:, Smith, John, Name 1 #:...

...Name 1:, Doe, Jane, Name 1 #:...

I need a regex that will remove the comma between last and first name so it looks like this:

...Name 1:, Smith John, Name 1 #:...

...Name 1:, Doe Jane, Name 1 #:...

I have tried every example I could find on Google and Superuser.com

I have gotten as far as being able to select the name with the comma in it with:

(?<=Name 1:,).*?(?=, Name 1 #)

I am assuming I will need to limit everything down to the characters between "Name 1:," and "Name 1 #:" then select the comma and replace the string excluding the comma.

However this is where I am stuck.


I'd do something like

Find: Name 1:,(.+),(.+), Name 1 #

Replace: Name1:,\1\2, Name1 #

The parentheses capture the last name and the first name. The \1 and \2 in the replacement string refer back to those captures.

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