I'm stuck with a wired problem.My bash scripts are not working now.It worked previously.I don't know why.Interestingly the commands on the script work when I enter it directly on the terminal.

This a sample line from my script ls

On the terminal when I run sh ./check.sh, the output is : command not found ls

The output is similar for other commands also,except echo for which is showing the correct output.

I request every kind people to help me.


You have created the script with a DOS (windows) editor, that's added a \r (carriage return) to the end of every line.

You can convert the file with:

dos2unix check.sh check.sh.tmp && mv check.sh.tmp check.sh

I personally usually do vim check.sh and then :set notx and then save the file: :wq

  • I don't have dos2unix installed Ic choose the second vim method.Thank You So much.. – lalthomas Sep 19 '14 at 5:28

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