To make things easy for users of this workbook, I've setup column J with data validation (pulling values from Sheet2) that allows for multiple selections of event types (Academic Calendar, Art Exhibits, etc).

I had to use some code to pull that off, but I found a YouTube video that walked me through it so my lack of excel coding experience didn't hold me back.

In order to import this sheet into another program, I can't have "Academic Calendar" as the Event Type, I need it's corresponding code, "et-acacal". The corresponding code is sitting in the next column over on the sheet containing my event types.

Essentially I need to replace every instance of "Academic Calendar" with "et-acacal" and "Art Exhibits" with "et-artgal" as well as the various combinations of event types like "Academic Calendar, Art Exhibits" with "et-acacal, et-artgal"

I've figured out a really crappy way to pull this off, by using multiple SUBSTITUTE functions (see below), but it was tedious to set up and I have to believe there's an easier way to do this. I only had 30ish different event types, what happens if I had/have 100 or 200?


The best way to manage this is using the VLOOKUP function. This will look up the relevant event code for a event name in cell J2.


However, you have the added complication of multiple criteria in the same cell. To achieve a VLOOKUP on multiple criteria in the same cell would require you to replace one overly complicated nested SUBSTITUTE function with another - given that's why you're asking, I won't go into how that works (lots of unwieldy IFs,MIDs and SEARCHes).

Your best bet is to try and reorganise your spreadsheet so you're not trying to get all your criteria into a single cell. Excel isn't really built to do that - the cell is meant to be the most basic unit (hence the name). Try and use multiple columns and do VLOOKUPs for each one.

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