I have a batch file that triggers process in Access database. I'd like to write into a log file (just some *.txt file saved in the same folder) time when before the process started and after it was finished. Is there a command for that? Thank you in advance

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    What operating system are you on? The solution is simple, but will depend what system you're on. Also, there are many questions similar to this you should search for first.
    – root
    Sep 18 '14 at 17:54

Using > and >> outputs to a file.


echo Hello World > hi.txt

Will result in a file called hi.txt containing the string "Hello World"

echo How are you >> hi.txt

Will add the line "How are you" to the end of hi.txt

This works on both Windows and Unix based OS. (Linux, Mac OS...)

On windows, using %TIME% or %DATE% in the echo string will output time/date as part of the string.


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