I have a formula which I want to show a result which includes a superscript character, but I cannot get said character as superscript.

Normally I would just enter text into a cell and I can select just the character I want superscripted, right click, Format Cells and choose Superscript. However the Format Cells option is greyed out when I have a formula in the cell.

The formula in question is along the lines of;

="Area = "&A1"&"mm2"

To ideally give me an output of;

enter image description here

I have even tried putting the mm^2 text in its own cell and referencing that in the formula but still no joy.

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Instead of superscripting the normal 2, use the dedicated character, which is common to most fonts. Windows character map

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    found on most azerty keyboards next to the 1 button Sep 19, 2014 at 14:22

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