I would like certain programs to never show up on the Windows 7 start menu. I can remove them from the start menu just fine, but then when I run them, they show up again. If I right click the windows button in the lower left corner, and then hit properties, I can uncheck "Store and display recently opened programs in the Start menu". This works, but then only programs that I specifically add to the start menu will be there. How can I make the start window show all programs normally, except for the specific ones that I don't want on there?


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That jump list is generated by a most-recently-used list that Windows tracks. You can't exclude a particular shortcut from being tracked in this way.

But, if you right-click on the app and hit Run as Administrator or Run as Different User, Windows does not track those and you can keep it from showing up on the jump list -- as long as you make a habit of always running it that way.

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