I am looking to get a new USB drive (my old one took an unauthorized vacation) and am looking into how to secure the data on it. Ideally I would like a visible, unencrypted space that may or maynot be bootable then an encrypted area for low security files followed by a second encrypted space for the most secure files.

Is there a solution that will handle this?


I can't speak for bit locker or iron key, but I use TrueCrypt on a USB key as you describe. Truecrypt allows you to create encrypted volumes in the form of a file. You can store the encrypted file on your USB key and then use TrueCrypt to mount it at will. TrueCrypt will even set up a "Traveler Disk" for you that will create an autorun.inf to automatically start TrueCrypt when the USB key is plugged in. See this link for more info.

Just a note, fat32, which is the default fs on most USB keys, has a file size limit of 4GB limit. I still use fat32 but keep my encrypted partitions below 4GB. Format with NTFS if you need an encrypted FS over 4GB.


According to wikipedia, the hidden container feature is not available for BitLocker, though you can always create multiple partitions on the USB key, and hide one.


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