Features that I would ideally include in "HTPC-optimized":

  1. Full-screen.
  2. Navigable using a remote or the keyboard arrows.
  3. Legible at couch distances.

Or, to put it another way, imagine the design requirements for Hulu Desktop or XBMC or WMC, applied to a web browser.

Opera on a Wii meets most of these criteria but not being HD wastes a lot of potential.

If a single solution doesn't exist, is there some combination of Firefox add-ons that will get me there?

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Several browsers, like IE, FF, and Opera (I think), support fullscreen mode, and my bet is that at least Firefox supports remote navigation (there's probably at minimum an about:config tweak like this one to turn it on).

As for being legible, that's not a question of the browser, but the page itself. To make something legible on a big screen from far away, just increase the page zoom (Ctrl+scroll wheel in Firefox on Windows, I believe).


Kylo is a new HTPC optimized browser http://www.kylo.tv/

  • another vote for Kylo - it's exactly what you are asking for
    – falter
    Apr 15, 2011 at 13:38

I think Opera has all these.


Chrome with vimium plugin will do.

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